As an answer to SET PLAN’s main objective of making EU leader in renewables, a great number of projects in PV and Wind has been, are being and will be developed thanks to EU funding programmes. However, right now it is difficult for policy makers to assess these projects and it is difficult for stakeholders of both sectors to create innovative projects without knowing what has already been done.

In this framework, the global goal of PV WIND Maps is to provide the most relevant information about existent PV and Wind projects funded by European programmes, via an interactive site.

This main objective will:

Help researchers and third parties to develop new projects and implement Wind and PV technologies without duplicating efforts and using resources in an efficient way, thanks to the fact that they will have access to existent projects. This will facilitate to build on previous research (results and experiences) and innovate.
Simplify the task of assessment of policy makers, who will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of funding programmes to achieve the targets for PV and Wind technologies by consulting the site.

More specifically PV WIND Maps will:

  • Be linked to the SET plan main objectives related to PV and Wind technologies via a link to the SETIS website (setis.europa.eu).
  • Identify the largest possible number of PV and Wind projects funded by the European Commission via these programmes.
  • Include the most relevant information per project: its developments, results, publications and specific contribution to SET PLAN objectives (technological leadership and reduce costs of technologies).
  • Present the information in a coherent, well-structured database

EUREC is leading Work Package 4 dedicated to the Promotion and sustainability of the mapping platform. PV WIND Maps consortium is also formed by:

  • CIRCE Fundation-Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption
  • Inycom Innovation Technologies
  • WIP Renewable Energies

For more information on PV WIND Maps, please contact Leo Subias: lsubias@fcirce.es