Knowledge Centre for Renewable Energy Jobs

EUREC,leading a consortium of nine partners, has been awarded a contract by DGEmployment for the project: Knowledge Centre for Renewable Energy Jobs(KnowRES). The other project partners are: two EUREC members (Hanze UAS and CIRCE), five European renewable energy industry associations (ESTELA, EGEC, OEE, AssoRinnovabili and AEBIOM), and one recruitment company specialised in the clean tech sectors (Greenfish). The project aims at creating an online platform to provide job intelligence to industry, candidates and academic and training institutions, while performing an analysis of the skills needed by the industry to ensure that the provided education and training courses are tailor-made to the sectors’ needs.

To this extent, the project focuses on three strains of activities:

Drafting of a survey for the renewable energy industry with a view to analysing what are the currently needed skills and forecasts on the industry needs in terms of competences for the renewable energy sector. This activity also includes an analysis of what skills can be easily transferred from traditional sectors (e.g. oil and gas, nuclear, chemicals, pharmaceutical…) to the growing renewable energy sectors. A Renewable Energy Jobs Barometer will summarise the collected information, while presenting the most wanted job profiles for the renewable energy sectors
Drafting of a survey for job candidates with a view to analysing what competences are present in the renewable energy market. As a result, a thorough candidates’ database will be set up
Gaps analysis between the needed skills and the existing competences, and identification of areas where further training should be developed in order to ensure that the competences present in the market respond to the needs of the industry.

KnowRES also aims at providing additional visibility for the renewable energy sector,as an important and growing employer sector, while highlighting strong messageson its employment opportunities.A series of match-making events between industry and candidates will be organised in thesecond half of 2015 during relevant events of the renewable energy industryTheKnowRES consortium is composed of eight partners coming from three Europeancountries, whose complementary expertise will enable to successfully deliverthe expected results. Five European associations active in the area ofrenewable energy, one research centre, located in Spain, recognized expert inproviding socio-economic analysis in the area of renewable energy; oneuniversity of applied sciences, located in the Netherlands; one recruitmentcompany, located in Brussels, specialised in providing experts for the cleantech sectors.


Green Fish