REFORMERS is a Horizon Europe project focusing on the development, realization and roll-out of the so called Renewable Energy Valleys (REV). The REVs aim to increase energy security while accelerating the green transition in Europe while they contribute to the REPowerEU goals of 1) ramping up the green energy production, 2) diversifying our energy supplies and 3) reducing the dependence on fossil fuels. Alongside five functional blocks, called Renewable Energy Valley Tracks (REVTs), the Flagship Valley will:

  1. Demonstrate renewable energy technologies to increase the RES.
  2. Convert, store, and distribute renewable energy carriers (such as biomethane, electricity, hydrogen, and heat) (REVT#2).
  3. Replace fossil fuel usage for end users (REVT#3).
  4. Monitor, optimize and control the energy flows (REVT#4).
  5. Incorporate financial, legal, and social dimensions (REVT#5).
  6. contribute to Alkmaar’s overall mission of 100% sustainable energy target by 2050.

The developments within the Flagship Valley will be meticulously followed by six satellite valleys spread around Europe. These valleys will use the lessons learned from the flagship and replicate its successful strategies to create their own Renewable Energy Valley. Finally, REFORMERS will develop, test and exploit a toolbox and digital twin to identify the best solutions and constantly improve towards self-sustaining Energy Valleys.