EU PVSEC 2019 / Register now!

EU PVSEC 2019 / Register now!

Via EUREC Members, WIP Renewable Energies
EU PVSEC is pleased to announce that the conference programme can now be found online (here). The registration is open for this year’s conference and exhibition taking place at Marseille Chanot Conference & Exhibition Centre from September 9-13.
The European Joint Commission Research Centre coordinates the conference programme which is designed to cover the entire range of PV research, technologies and applications focusing on the latest scientific, technological and market-related trends. EU PVSEC 2019 encompasses every facet of PV research, technologies and applications covering the entire value chain as well as facilitating those essential business contacts.
to take part in this high-quality platform to all manufacturers, industrial customers and research organisations engaged in solar energy and photovoltaic applications. EU PVSEC 2019 is set to figure as the most complete conference of the latest developments and a showcase of the rapidly evolving photovoltaic technologies.

EU PVSEC is keen to ensure that all delegates and speakers have an exceptional opportunity to learn, network and share knowledge with peers in the field of photovoltaics. Here is a preview of what you can expect at this year’s conference:
  • More than 950 visual, oral and plenary presentations as part of the conference programme, workshops and parallel events
  • Introduction of latest research results, next-generation technologies and breakthrough solutions
  • Engaging discussions around the economic and political framework as the future of photovoltaics continues to be shaped by public and industry efforts
  • Networking and matchmaking events to connect with the international PV community
  • A major PV exhibition allowing you to connect with the most important players and policy-makers in the sector such as companies, research institutes and scientists
  • Exclusive technical tours will lead you to world-leading French PV sites presenting forward-thinking PV installations in the surroundings of Marseille.
Have a look at the EU PVSEC 2018 video to get an idea of what this year’s conference and exhibition in Marseille will be like: Expect high-level presentations on latest PV research results, technologies and applications as well as engaging discussions around the future of photovoltaics and a major PV exhibition allowing you to connect with companies, decision-makers and research institutes in the sector.

The program is available here

Get in touch with our conference and exhibition teams here for further details.

For further information on EU PVSEC 2019, please click here
We hope to see you in Marseille in September!